15 Dazzling Uses For A LED Work Light

LED light

LED light

OK, we admit it, LED work lights are not the most exciting of products but they are extremely useful. In fact, they’re one of our most popular products with many customers buying several work lights at a time.


Well, probably because they have an infinite amount of uses in all sorts of situations. If you’ve never given much thought to how a simple work light could make work, life and play that much easier, we’ve collated some of the most common uses – a massive 15 of them!

At Home

1. By the fuse box: If you’ve ever tripped your circuits at night and then stumbled around trying to locate a torch and your fuse box, you can understand why this makes an ideal permanent home for a work light.

2. Under the stairs: Storage cupboards like those under the stairs tend to get a bit cluttered making it difficult to find what you want. Installing a battery-operated light is a quick fix for this, ensuring that you can see all the contents before you start rummaging around. A portable light also means you can illuminate the deepest recesses of your cupboard and find those things buried at the back.

3. By the front door: How many times have you returned home and realised that you’ve forgotten to leave the exterior lighting on? Next follows a slapstick show stumbling around as you attempt to find the keyhole and unlock the door. A small LED light, hanging discreetly on a hook near your door would come in useful in this situation, and not disturb the neighbours!

In The Garage

4. Work on the car: Even if you don’t plan to spend hours on a trolley under a car, a portable work light is a bonus when trying to see into dark corners when doing basic repairs to your vehicle. Lots work lights come with magnetic fixings so you can attach them to the underside of your car, or under the bonnet if you need to shine a light on what is going on.

5. Great for DIY projects: Many of us are confined to the garage when carrying out DIY projects but lighting can be an issue. If your garage only has a single watt bulb for general use, a work light is a good solution. This allows you to focus the light on exactly what you’re doing, making for much more successful DIY projects!

6. No power? Not a problem: Of course, if your garage does not have mains electricity you’ll want some kind of lighting, whether it’s to locate tools or put the car to bed at night. Hanging a portable work light in a convenient place to the door will instantly make a difference when using the garage; much easier than remembering to take a torch with you.

On Holiday

7. Camping: If your holidays involve canvas or a caravan, you’ll need to get about outside at night. Whether it’s a trip to the facilities, locating your bed after a night out, or exploring what went ‘bump in the night”, a powerful, portable light source is essential.

8. Caravanning: One of the biggest drains on your caravan’s power is your lighting. This is why it’s essential to have back up lights in case of emergencies. A battery operated LED work light can also come into it’s own if you rely on electric hook-up:  for example, if for some reason the site loses power, or perhaps electric hook-up is not available, you’ll still be able to find your way around.

9. Self-catering, resorts and hotels: Even if your holiday destination includes four walls, a portable light can be very useful. How often have you felt for the light switch in a logical place in your hotel room, only to find it’s on the other side of the room from the door? Or struggled to find your way back from the resort restaurant to your room along an unlit path?

In The Car

10. In the glove box: Interior car lighting works fine when you want to read a map or check on sleeping passengers in the back, but it’s not great when you lose something under the seats. A handy light will help locate lost items without having to wait for morning.

11. Long waits at night: If you’ve got to wait in your car for a breakdown service, you’ll quickly run your car battery down if you use the internal lights. Instead a small work light can be hung from your rear view mirror, seat backs or the assist handles.

12. In the boot: A powerful portable light should be part of your essential kit in your car. Ideal for roadside repairs, also for attracting the attention of other road users*, and for guiding you and your family to safety if you need to leave the car by the side of the road.

Enjoying Your Leisure Time

13. Night fishing: If you find fishing venues too busy during daylight hours, or want to do your sport after work, night fishing is the answer. But you don’t want to be stumbling around by the water’s edge, so take some lighting. A weatherproof LED portable light uses less power than a traditional bulb, ensuring that you can always find your kit and avoid going for a swim!

14. Messing around in boats: If you like to sail, row or just go along for the ride you’ll find it much more pleasurable if you have sufficient lighting. As well as lighting for safety and emergencies your trips will be that much more enjoyable if you can see what you’re doing. Whether it’s lighting the galley so you can prepare a snack, or finding something in the storage hatch, a few LED lights can make a big difference.

15. Enhance your photos: If you like to take family snaps, or perhaps have a selfie-habit, lighting can often let your pictures down. While the keen amateur photographer may want to invest in the proper lighting kit, those of us who just want to make our photos a little bit better could use an LED work light.

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* Never shine lights directly at moving vehicles.

By Paul Hawkes, Am-Tech

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