Bathrooms – Three Quick & Easy Upgrades

LED Shower Head

LED Shower Head

In design terms, you should always be searching for that distinctive edge that sets your bathroom apart, whether it is in terms of function or style. Designers and stockists know this too, and tend to integrate their product ranges to ensure there is always a standard option at base with the embellishments clearly delineated for you.
My contention though is that these ‘upgrades’, if you like, can add a serious level of usability and elegance without that much of an investment. Below are three of my favourite little enhancements to classic bathroom utilities.

Get A-head of the Game

Shower heads are inert lumps of material resembling an elegant sieve in operation. I know that’s being reductive, but it is a fact. You might be wondering then how you might go about sexing up something that is in essence extremely plain. Well, there are a couple of options open to you. First of all, simply change one of the rudiments of the head. For example, fit a waterfall head, which produces one long stream of water as opposed to individual needle-thin jets. Better yet, fit an LED shower head, whose lights change colour as the temperature does, for a glorious polychromatic look in your bathroom.

The Looking Glass

Be able to look yourself in the mirror – figuratively and literally – by gifting your bathroom glittering, reflective style. A normal mirror is fine, of course, and will offer you the basic utility you presumably got it for in the first place. But this is all about updates, and sometimes a little spritz of glamour can really elevate a piece. In this case, much like above, the addition of attractive light arrays really enhances the look. If anything, you are also getting double the bang for your buck, as the reflective surface will boost the illumination provided without expending any further energy on extra bulbs.

Ecstatic Thermostatic

Turn those standard bar mixer showers into a thermostatic mixer shower and give yourself a serious boost in usability. This is because a thermostatic shower valve takes the essential operation of a shower and automates it. In this way, instead of you perching halfway into the bath in just a towel, twiddling with the taps, you merely set the temperature you want and let the valve handle the maintenance of that heat for you. Easy. Not to mention the additional safety features a thermostatic valve offers, including anti-scalding units that, well, prevent scalding!

Article by Simon Lucas

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