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Key Tips on How to Turn Your Kitchen into A Calming Space

Does it ever occur to you what your visitors may think about your kitchen each time you invite them over for a snack? How do you actually feel about how it looks? Does it provide a relaxing and comfort ambiance? Is it more inviting than any of the parts of your house? Whatever the reasons […]

Removing A Bed Bug Infested Mattress From Your Home

DIY can fix things up and keep pests out with a huge amount of success. Dust and dirt can be cleaned away too and prevent certain pests, no problem at all. But what happens when a more persistent pest, bed bugs, infest your home? Bed bugs are notoriously hard to get rid of, and it […]

How to organise your toolbox like a DIY Pro

One of the most common areas that can become cluttered and unorganized in the home are toolboxes due to the number of items that you can hold inside of the container. From drill bits to hammers, there are several types of equipment that are often difficult to find once they begin to accumulate in the […]


Many of us hope to achieve the all American Dream: Get married, own a dream home, have kids, settle down. While many of these are easily attainable, sometimes life can get in the way and complicate things sometimes, especially after you have children. Typically, once kids come around, things like home repairs and updates can […]

The Benefits of Underfloor Heating!

Underfloor heating is widely used in northern Europe and has in recent years become quite popular in the UK, both for new builds and for updating existing property. There are many companies which offer underfloor heating supplies. There are low maintenance costs, and the technology rarely needs any form of maintenance once it has been […]

Looking to Sell Your Home? Home Improvements vs Home Repairs

Anyone looking to sell their home is undoubtedly looking to get the best asking price possible. As a result, altogether too many homeowners spend a great deal of money on home improvements. However, many of those improvements don’t actually add any real value to the home and could very well be a huge waste of […]

Making home improvements? Look at the bigger picture

How do you prioritise your home improvement ideas? Often it comes down to the simple matter of finances so make a list of the home improvement projects you’d like to tackle, do your research into the associated costs and then you can look at your budget. They are plenty of options for making your property […]

Shining A Spotlight On LED Worklights

Do you have an on-going project in your garage? Perhaps a classic car that needs tinkering with every weekend, or a much-loved family car that requires TLC on a regular basis? If your evenings and weekends are spent under the bonnet or crawling underneath your vehicle of choice, you’ll need some effective lighting to see […]

Winter renovations: Bathroom Cladding Upgrades

If you’d like to renovate your bathroom this winter, cladding is a great way to make your walls look brand new. Easy to fit, you can install cladding in your shower enclosure or across your whole bathroom to create a sleek, unique look. There are many options when it comes to redesigning your bathroom, as […]

10 Things To Know Before You Turn Your Central Heating On

With colder temperatures creeping in, you might be having mixed feelings about the winter ahead. It’s hard not to look forward to snow-covered pavements, skiing and hot chocolate. But the cold-season spike in gas and electricity bills beckons. Don’t let your heater spoil your season of cheer, take some advice on how to prepare your […]