Cheap DIY tips to improve your home

DIY by Ann Gordon (flickr)

DIY by Ann Gordon (flickr)

Add value to your property with affordable home DIY projects

It’s a buyer’s market which means that selling a house can be really tough competition. With few buyers out there, you need to make your property as attractive as possible for a quick sale with attractive returns. The best news yet: your competitive edge may be just a few home improvements away!

DIY can be important when selling your house: research shows those buying a house prefer neat and tidy looking homes. That’s why we’ve put together our favourite DIY tips to help you improve your home without breaking the bank so you can get the most out of your property sale.

  • 1. De-clutter your space. This is the simplest home renovation task that can often prove to be the most challenging. Set yourself small, manageable goals which you can complete each weekend or after work. As you slowly de-clutter your space and pack away your belongings you’ll start to create an attractive space that is appealing for potential buyers. When you’re done, you’ll notice a massive improvement that really highlights the potential of your property.
  • 2. Re-paint and invest in modern wallpaper. Repainting your home can really transform the way your property looks, and can give your home a bit of a modern facelift. Clean up drab walls with a neat, neutral coat of paint and break up large rooms with a feature wall painted in a bold, solid colour. You could also transform the living room, bedroom and bathroom with a single patterned wallpapered wall and create a modern living space that is attractive to potential buyers.
  • 3. Focus room: the bathroom. The bathroom is one of the major decision-maker rooms in the house: a dark, uninviting bathroom can put potential buyers off immediately. Give your bathroom a new lease on life by clearing it out, repainting it with neutral colours, and fitting modern furnishings that are simple yet attractive. Create your own ‘designer’ shower curtain for an attractive finish by choosing your favourite fabrics and paying a seamstress to hem it up for you. A small finish like this can really add value to your property by highlighting the potential of each room.
  • 4. Spruce up the back garden. Clean up your garden for a simple home renovation that can really pay off. Mow the lawn, trim the hedges and remove weeds from the grounds for an attractive and inviting outdoor living area. Make sure to remove garden refuse and waste, and top up the flower beds with fresh buds.
  • 5. Repaint your front door. Your front door is the first thing that people – and potential buyers – are going to see. Give your home a warm, pleasant façade and people will immediately feel welcomed and positive about your property. You can change the whole look of your home with a bold, red door or an attractive, matte pastel paint instead. While you’re at it, replace your door number too for a simple renovation that will really put buyers in the right frame of mind.
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