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Common Items Stored in Sheds

Common Items Stored in Sheds

Which magazine recently reported that almost a third of their members have more than £2,000 worth of equipment stored in their outbuildings. Whilst some items kept in sheds may well be covered by household insurance policies, it is possible that higher value items may not be covered or need additional insurance cover.

Items such as top of the range bikes, lawnmowers (particularly sit on mowers), golf club sets, expensive tools such as lathes for metal or woodworking may be a target and if the these items do not fall within your insurance policy, any theft will leave you feeling pretty sick.

The Metropolitan Police claim that the five most common items targeted by thieves are:

  • 1. Bicycles
  • 2. Mowers
  • 3. Sporting equipment
  • 4. Power tools
  • 5. Garden equipment (tools)

The other thing to consider is, many people now work from home or use sheds as storage for their office equipment which can include TVs, computers, monitors and other potentially high value electrical goods which are easy to steal. Which magazine reports that between 2012-14, 342 laptops, 387 computers and 447 phones were stolen from sheds and outbuildings in the London area alone.

There are many ways to help reduce the chance of your shed or outbuildings being burgled, strong padlocks, replace rotting wood, use strong hinges, install alarms, security lighting to name a few.

There are plenty of off-the-shelf DIY products which you can buy to install and help deter any would-be thief from ruining your day and leaving you out of pocket. In this video Wickes DIY store highlight how easy it is to break into a typical garden shed and they offer some great ways to help reduce the chance of being targeted:

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