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British winters can be harsh and very windy. During stormy weather, roof tiles can become cracked and loose, and an regular problem is slates falling off. It’s important that boken slates are fixed quickly and leaving it will only result in a hefty repair bill in the future.

A damaged roof will eventually lead to leaking of rainwater which over time creates dampness. What might be a simple repair job could deteriorate into a full roof replacement. But it’s not only the property that needs protecting; passers-by also need protecting from loose tiles which can fall to the ground below.

Here is an expert guide on protecting your roof and house:

  • Emergency roof repairs

Falling tiles can be extremely hazardous so seek emergency repair services fast. Myredlandroof offers a feature online where you can search for reputable tradespeople in your local area that can be at your house swiftly.

  • Assess the damage to your roof

    Roof Tile

    Roof Tile

Stand on the other side of the street and scan the roof for any damage. The sooner you can spot a problem the quicker it can be resolved. Do not climb on top of the roof yourself to assess the damage as this is dangerous. What is your roof’s material? Metal roofs tend to be quite resilient in storms in contrast to asphalt which can be easily dislodged.

  • Replacinf broken tiles

What might start out as a small leak can quickly become a flood so if you do inspect the roof and find cracked or missing slates, call someone out immediately to patch up the hole. To prevent any water damage, cover all the electrical appliances in the home with plastic sheets. You may need a dehumidifier to reduce the dampness caused by the leaking roof.

  • House Insurance

Before you fork out any costs, check with your insurance company to see if you are covered. If there has been an accident during the storm and a tree has fallen onto the roof, then you will probably be covered but normal household insurance doesn’t cover you if a leak is the result of a badly maintained roof. If it is a result of age, it’s unlikely it will be covered but examine the policy for more details.

  • Damage from Trees

If a tree has fallen onto your roof during the storm, make sure you take pictures of the interior and exterior damage before moving anything. They will be needed as part of the claims process with the insurance company. Pack the necessities and leave the property for your own safety; the tree could move if another storm was to occur and therefore people inside would be at risk.

This article was provided by Myredlandroof, the roofing experts with over 90 years’ experience in the industry. Visit today for more specialist advice on roof repairs and replacement.

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