How to rewire your home safely



Every year British households are wasting millions of pounds on DIY mishaps and it is an expense that in the current economic climate, quite frankly is hard to justify.
As a result:

  • 14% wished later on that they had called a professional to do the task that they themselves had failed.
  • Interestingly, the differences of success are found to be regional with 85% of Scottish people claiming to have done a good job.
  • In England’s capital however, Londoners were rather less confident with only 42% happy with the DIY that they had previously performed.

With that in mind, the average failed DIY job costs households around £500 per call out and failed DIY amateurs later admitted that the professionals were cheaper and more convenient overall.

But how do you know if your house needs rewiring?

The only way to know if your electrics are faulty and that is by testing, though there are sure ways to check for the warning signs; the obvious ones are damage to sockets, switches and lights as well as overheating outlets.

Other, less noticeable traits include the quality and age of the fuse box. If it has a wooden back, cast iron switches or if it has rewirable fuses, this is an indication that the box is very all and will therefore need to be replaced.

Of course, age is only one reason that your wiring may need to be replaced as like anything in life, bad workmanship is yet another reason that your wiring may need working on. If the plugs show live wires, the labels are omitted on the fuse box or the fuse box does not have marks to identify the circuits, this is all sign of bad workmanship.

If all the signs point to faulty wiring, perhaps it is time that you called in the electrician.

How to prepare

To put it bluntly, get ready for the mess of having your house turned upside down. If you’re thinking of decorating in the next few years, make sure that you rewire before the work takes place and not after!

Make a list of all the sockets and lights in the house and highlight which ones need working on so that you can make sure that the electrician has everything he needs to get the job done properly.

Remember that during the period that work is being carried out, you may be without electricity or water for a lengthy period of time.

You could of course, if you trust the electrician, get him to carry out the work whilst you are away on holiday; this is the option that many people chose to take.

Doing this may actually result in a lower price as the workman will not have to continually put things away every time he leaves.

Make sure that once the electrician is done, that you receive the appropriate certificate for the work that has been received; this confirms that the work has been carried out in accordance with the national safety standard for electrical installations.

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