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A conservatory is the perfect solution for those wishing to improve their home. Experts have advised homeowners to consider opting for a conservatory to improve their living environment and to boost the overall appeal of their property. A conservatory is the quickest and easiest way to extend a home and the space provided by the structure enables you to create whatever type of room you desire.

A conservatory will make the following improvements to your home:

  • Extra space. The space provided by a conservatory enables you to extend existing rooms or create a brand new room. You can use your conservatory as a kitchen extension or create a brand new family room.
  • Bright, airy space. The glass design of a conservatory provides you with a bright, airy and attractive room that can be enjoyed all year round, even on gloomy days and during winter.
  • Connects with your garden. Adding a conservatory to your garden enables you to fully enjoy your garden. As well as opening up your conservatory in summer to connect it with your garden, you can also enjoy views of the outdoors all year round thanks to the elegant glass design of the structure.
  • Adds practical, flexible space. A conservatory is not only an attractive structure but also practical. The extra space it provides enables you to make rooms such as the kitchen or dining room more functional and you can easily change rooms or combine them whenever you wish. A conservatory extension can be used to create a larger kitchen or to combine a kitchen or living room with a dining area. The possibilities are endless.
Glazed Extension

Glazed Extension

  • Boosts its value. Recent figures from the HSBC Home Improvement survey show that a conservatory can increase a property’s value by £9,420, a 14% increase on 2011’s figure, which was £8,233. The survey showed that out of home improvements such as kitchen extensions, loft conversions and new bathrooms, conservatories were the only type of home improvement that had showed an increase in the amount of value added to a property.
  • Adds style and elegance. Conservatories are attractive structures that help to improve the overall appearance of a property. If you feel that your home lacks character and needs a new look, then a conservatory is the perfect solution. In addition to improving the exterior of your property, a conservatory will also enable you to create an attractive room that are sure to impress, whether it’s an elegant and sophisticated dining area or a stylish kitchen.
  • More appealing to potential buyers. Experts have advised homeowners to consider improvements such as a conservatory rather than moving to a new property. A conservatory not only provides a better living environment, but also makes a property more appealing to potential buyers. Buyers look for well presented, attractive homes that offer plenty of space and a conservatory provides this, making it a worthwhile investment for those that may wish to sell their home in the future.

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Author: Philip Woods

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