Power Tool Safety – How To Prevent Injuries

HalloweenEvery year we see people putting more and more effort into their Halloween creations. From scary fancy dress to amazingly spooky decorations, even constructions, in their houses. If you’re thinking about getting the power tools out to pull off a really spectacular Halloween display, read this post from Am-Tech
to ensure that any injuries on Halloween night only involve fake blood and face paint, not the real thing…
Severed Fingers
Injuries to fingers are the most common power tool related accident ranging from minor cuts and grazes, through to puncture wounds and actual severed fingers. Make sure your severed fingers only come from the fancy dress shop by wearing  protective gloves and using a clamp (rather than your free hand) when operating a jigsaw or other machinery.
Amputated Limbs
Power saws can also cause amputations, especially involving fingers and hands. These can be caused when using the wrong tool for the job, such as cutting a piece of wood that is too small for the saw, or because of a momentary lapse in concentration. Therefore it is vital that you always choose the right tool for your project, and that you’re focussed on what you’re doing ensuring that no one is likely to distract you.
Bolt Through The Head
Have you seen those Halloween headbands that make you look like you have a bolt through your head? Great if you want to look like Frankenstein, but not something you want to happen in reality. Fortunately puncture wounds and impalements like this are very rare but can be caused if you trip and fall. Wires and leads are a common hazard, which is why a cordless drill is such a good option.
Eye Injuries
Eye injuries are generally caused not by the tools themselves but by the shavings, dust and fragments expelled by them. Remember that power tools create a lot of energy and therefore those particles do not just fall to the ground. Protective safety goggles are a must to prevent both minor irritations and more serious damage to your eyes; or use a dust collector with your drill.

Your fancy dress costume might be designed to look hair-raising but no one wants to experience electrocution first hand. Frayed cords or extension leads can be guilty of this, so make sure yours are in good order. If you’re working outside keep cables and power tools away from water (check that leads aren’t lying in puddles or on damp grass), and if they do get wet dry them out thoroughly before using again.
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