Power Up Your Bathroom


Heated Towel Rail

Heated Towel Rail

It might seem something akin to recommending open fireplaces in petrol stations, but I cannot urge you enough to introduce more electricity into your bathroom. I’m not for one second advocating you shift your fridge, toaster or Playstation 4 in there (though, with some tweaking, all three could be (dangerous) genius) but should consider some of the more electric bathroom ideas that not only make the room look better but far more functional, too.

With this caveat in mind, I should probably elaborate – for most electrical installations in your bathroom, an electrician will be required. I’ve yet to be sued, a record I’m inordinately proud of despite years in writing and journalism. Now, an electrician will cost you, but it’s better some pennies than costing you something less replaceable.

Here’s three bathroom areas that are all the better for a good injection of power.

Shower Enclosures

This is a pretty bling way to start, but some of the shower cubicles I review and see at shows and whatnot now are as different to the ones from my youth as the Wright Brothers’ craft and a Learjet. Where once I had half a sponge and my own surprisingly tenor tones to entertain myself, now you can get radios, mp3 players and even televisions fitted in waterproof cabinets in your enclosure. I’m not even jealous though. Nope.


This is more of an upgrade than a revolution but I think it is one that bears speaking about. Mirrors are among the most basic bathroom utilities you can think of, a simple slice of glass which has one reflective side. They work so well in their rudiments that it is hard to think how to improve them. Electric lights are the answer. Illuminated mirrors have bulbs or LEDs, in various designs, arrayed around the mirror, enlivening the unit. Also, demister pads are made possible through the mirror being connected to the mains, meaning no more steamy, fogged-up mirrors.

Rads & Rails

Nothing to do with skateboarding here I’m afraid, this is all about bathroom heating. Electric radiators are a great addition to any bathroom suite, offering you the chance to get heating – if you don’t have central heating – or better yet increasing your heating options. An electric heated towel rail will not only make the room far more hospitable but will also provide you with warm towels, a basic luxury, but a luxury nonetheless.

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