Shining A Spotlight On LED Worklights

Amtech LED Lights

Amtech LED Lights

Do you have an on-going project in your garage? Perhaps a classic car that needs tinkering with every weekend, or a much-loved family car that requires TLC on a regular basis? If your evenings and weekends are spent under the bonnet or crawling underneath your vehicle of choice, you’ll need some effective lighting to see what you’re up to!

This is where SMD LED (Surface Mount Diode) and COB LED (Circuit on Board) lighting comes into it’s own. If you’re still using that ancient incandescent filament bulb* that’s been hanging in the garage for the last decade (incidentally these bulbs were phased out in 2012), it’s time for a replacement.

SMD LED Lighting Solutions For The Mechanic

Even if you’ve invested in some LED bulbs you may be surprised at the difference a dedicated SMD LED worklight can make. What’s the big deal with SMD LED we hear you ask? Well this technology really packs a punch when you need a bright, consistent light to illuminate a large area.

Many traditional LED worklights are great for general use and for creating a spotlight on the DIY project or task you have in hand. However, the standard LEDs epoxy enclosure tends to focus the beam so it casts light directly on the area in front with a drop off of light around it.

For situations where you require a bright, consistent light (for example underneath the chassis of your mark 1 convertible), SMD LED worklights are much more effective. Furthermore they give off almost no heat so you won’t find yourself feeling uncomfortably hot when working in close proximity to one, and there’s no risk of a burn if you bump up against it.

SMD LED also has a lower power consumption that a normal LED light so you can spend as much time under the bonnet as you like without impacting adversely on your energy bills!

A Versatile Solution to Lighting

A Versatile Solution to Lighting

COB LEDs Worklights

For those people who would like a worklight or torch that creates a lighting panel effect, COB LEDs are the answer. Multi LED COB chips are packaged together to form one lighting module, as opposed to SMD’s that are segmented into numerous tiny pieces of semi-conductor crystals and are directly placed over a substrate.

As with SMD LEDs, COB LEDs are popular for their heat efficient behaviour. They ensure minimum heat production and emit homogeneous light. The behaviour is enhanced with the addition of a ceramic substrate, which induces a cooling effect in addition to the homogeneous light production.

Both types of LED offer a superior level of lighting for the mechanic, DIYer, caravan owner or camper and come in a range of lighting products such as torches and penlights, as well as LED worklights.

If you plan to spend time in your garage this winter, check out our lighting range to ensure you can see exactly what you are doing!

* LED Bulbs use up to 90% less energy than an incandescent or halogen bulb of equivalent brightness. LEDs are far more efficient at converting electricity, measured in watts, into light, measured in lumens. As such, a typical 4 watt LED bulb can easily achieve a light output comparable to a 50 watt halogen, sometimes higher due to its high lumen to watt ratio.

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