TrigJig: Building Trade First for Precision Skirting and Coving

TrigJig Coving Side View

TrigJig Coving Side View

An innovative new construction tool aimed at producing perfect mitres for skirting boards and coving is set to get building tradesmen and DIY enthusiasts climbing the walls with delight.

The TrigJig is a digital tool which measures, calculate and guide cuts. There are two versions – one specially adapted for skirting boards and the over to cut perfect coving. The gadgets save tradespeople hours of labour time and hundreds of pounds in ruined building materials. This is because they’re simple to use and extremely time efficient, completing any mitre  in less than a minute. The devices will also help tradesmen/women and seasoned DIY’ers cut and fit perfect cornices and crown molding every time.

The smart, rust-proof, stainless steel gadgets sit easily into the palm of a hand, are simple to use and guaranteed to benefit both professional and amateur builders alike. They are fully adjustable and can measure both internal and external angles.

The device has a magnetic sensor which is accurate to within 0.1cm, an extra large LCD  screen, quick release cam locks and a smooth magnetic cutting guide. It measures 200mm (length) x 60mm (height) and 26mm (width) with a total weight of 0.6kg.

Nothing similar has ever been introduced to the DIY and construction market before. A recent crowd funding campaign saw the innovative hand tools raise £125,000 in a week.

Director of HICI Ltd and creator of TrigJig Dan Soanes-Brown first recognised a niche in the market whilst working as a plasterer for more than seven years. First-hand he experienced numerous problems when it came to fitting skirting boards and coving, particularly in older homes where angles weren’t always 90 degrees. The result was guess work and frustration at times.

“You’ll find that the older a house, the more varied the measurements become and the longer it takes to get them right,” he said. “Bay windows in particular tend to cause huge problems and, of course, buildings move over time resulting in corners with awkward angles and uneven lines.

“As a builder it ends up putting hours on your day and then there’s the additional material you have to purchase when you inevitably get the measurements wrong. In the end it’s the client who ends up paying for all this.”

Soanes-Brown believed there had to be a better way of solving the problem. Following months of research he came up with the concept of the TrigJig. He is delighted with the final result – and so are his former colleagues in the building trade.

He added: “I know a lot of joiners who are already very excited about this. It’s the coving and skirting equivalent to using a spirit level to measure a straight wall.

“It’s actually taken me around two years to perfect, from design to manufacture. I wanted to ensure not only that the TrigJig did what it said it would but that it was tough enough not to break down mid-job.”

The tools will be available to pre-order from April and will be on the shelves on 2 May. They retail at £99.99 and are guaranteed for three years. Find out more at

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